Anker Kyster Bindings

The Bindings of Anker Kyster published in the International Studio in 1901       COPENHAGEN. The name of Anker Kyster is not unfamiliar to lovers of artistic bookbindings: in fact, he has many friends both in Europe and America. The following illustrations show some of his … Continue reading

Paul Kersten

Paul Kersten's Decorative Leather Work By Octave Uzanne  THE decorative arts have assumed considerable importance of late years in Germany, and during the recent Paris International Exhibition it came somewhat as a surprise to find, in the German sections of goldsmith's work, pottery, furniture, … Continue reading

Cedric Chivers

THE "VELLUCENT" PROCESS: A NEW METHOD OF DECORATION FOR BOUND BOOKS.   (After Cedric Chivers) SOME years ago a remarkable method of decoration for the binding of books originated in the fertile mind of Mr. Cedric Chivers of Bath, England, and after making several experiments, which … Continue reading

KINDER on Hand Tooling

LOUIS H. KINDER,   East Aurora, N. Y.   Author of "Formulas for Bookbinders."         ART MAGAZINES are giving us an abundance of literature relating to bookbinding, written for the most part by amateurs. As a rule these articles are confined to a very vague … Continue reading