Power Cutters

 CHAPTER III Power Cutters SINGLE KNIFE POWER CUTTERS are manufactured in sizes ranging from 30 to 96 inches. The small sizes are used in binderies, schools and small printing plants, and in large printing plants as auxiliary cutters. The 40, 50 and 60 inch machines are used for heavy duty … Continue reading

Specialty Machines

CHAPTER VIII Specialty Machines Brackett Safety Trimmer. This trimmer is a single knife, guillotine machine used for large scale cutting of bound or flat work which requires many cuts to each lift of stock. Each setting of the back gauge is controlled by a spacer shaft equipped with guide stops … Continue reading

Techniques in Cutting Paper

 CHAPTER VI Techniques in Cutting Paper Five basic principles for all cutting and handling operations: (1) Safety first. (2) Maintain tools and equipment the best possible repair. (3) Practice and insist upon cleanliness. (4) Understand and follow directions. (5) Establish and maintain an … Continue reading

Techniques in Handling Paper

 CHAPTER V Techniques in Handling Paper AS THE MAJOR RAW MATERIAL used by the printer, paper presents several problems upon whose solutions depend the quality and speed of the printing and usually the profits derived. These problems arise from the fact that paper is quite heavy for its … Continue reading

Paper Cutting Machines

  Paper Cutting: MACHINES AND TECHNIQUES By GEORGE J. MILLS Instructor in Platen and Cylinder Presswork Carnegie Institute of Technology PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHOR PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA 1949  Foreword This booklet is written primarily as an introduction to flat sheet cutting and … Continue reading