The Bindery

THE BINDERY PRESENTING A BRIEF SURVEY OF PROGRESS IN MACHINERY, METHODS AND ORGANIZATION MADE DURING THE YEAR 1913-14 By E. WOODMAN PALMER NEW YORK The year 1913 has witnessed great changes not only in manufacturing processes, grades and characters of material, but in the conditions under which … Continue reading

The Bindery, part 3

  It is intended that the foregoing shall show the progress which is being made towards a higher average wage, and without doubt, the next few years will see still more advancement. But until the unskilled labor in the bindery, which is as a rule young men and girls, becomes trained, and … Continue reading

The Bindery, part 4

In many instances, carriers either on the belt principle, the continuous pocket or the slide, have been installed and are found to be productive of excellent results. In disposing of the waste stock from the cutting machines, gravity has been called into use, and the various waste is shot down … Continue reading

The Bindery 2

In catalog work strength has been a prominent feature. The old method of putting out a catalog in paper covers has been discontinued to a great extent where the article or line advertised is worth a fixed binding. It is surprising to note the number of cloth and leather bound catalogs put out by … Continue reading